South Australian Association for Media Education Inc.
ABN 15 378 408 705
P.O. Box 300, Ingle Farm, South Australia, 5098

2020 Executive Meeting Minutes

25 February 2020, 6:40 pm
At the ABC, Collinswood


Present: Grant, Tim, Blair
Apologies: Harry, Alex, Steve, Karen, Mizpah, Laura, Hal

  1. Meeting opened 6:40 pm.
  2. Acceptance of minutes of last AGM (27 February 2019)
    Moved: Tim, Seconded: Blair, ACCEPTED/CARRIED
  3. 2020 AGM President's Report
    Tabled: Grant
    Seconded: Tim
  4. Treasurer's report (document to be uploaded?)
    Tabled: Grant
    Seconded: Tim
  5. Election of 2020 offices & executive members
    1. Secretary: Tim Seifert
      Nominated by Grant
      Seconded by Blair
    2. Executive nominations
      Alex Brindal
      Steve Bartholomew
    3. Life memberships
      Offered to Linda Belcher & Tim Seifert
      Nominated by Grant
      Seconded by Alex (by proxy)
  6. Question from Blair if previous editions of Media Moves can be listened to post-broadcast.  Tim & Grant looking into how best to do this.
  7. Meeting closed at 6:03 pm.

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