South Australian Association for Media Education Inc.
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2008 Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday April 8th, 6:30pm
Najjar’s Café, O’Connell St, North Adelaide
  1. Welcome: Meeting opened
  2. Present: Grant, Thom, Lou, Nick & Andrew
    Apologies: Julie
  3. Acceptance of Minutes for Executive meeting 13/12/07
    moved: Lou
    seconded: Thom
  4. Meeting time is ok. Meeting at Channel 7 – Grant to organise.
  5. Executive Roles for 08:
    Julie – membership,
    Thom – publications,
    Grant - radio web sites,
    Nick- wikispace
  6. Activities for 08: TV tours? Need to check cinema concessions – Hoyts, GU & Wallis? Target beginning teachers more. Run a 'production workshop' for Year 12 students to catch up with work. Best in first holidays.
  7. Conference Report:
  8. Reports (Finance – incl. motion to increase membership fees must decide before July; Media Moves – VVSS Media Studies will sponsor). Try to get more film previews. Julie suggested we join SASOSE - $50.
  9. AOB

Next meeting – immediately after next conference meeting in June 10, 6:30pm, Caos?